what people are saying about toss the gloss

​"I have known Andrea since she was a young fashion editor at Mademoiselle magazine. Even then, she had real instincts about how women wanted to look and feel. Eventually that sensibility and vision extended to include what women want and need at every age. Over the years, I've admired Andrea's creativity and passion for beauty both in the pages of Vogue and in business. I am so happy that Andrea will be sharing her rare expertise and personal beauty perspective in this unique book for women 50 and over. Real beauty, like real style, has no age."

Ralph Lauren

"Finally! A marvelous and charmingly illustrated book on beauty for all of the millions of us women who are over fifty and longing to look our very best without resorting to the pathetic solution of over-painting ourselves to pretend we are still thirty-five. Andrea Robinson has a lifelong list of the most distinguished credentials in the beauty business, and no one could be a better, more inspiring mentor. With Toss The Gloss, she has given us an exceptional guide to help us look and feel our very best."

Ali MacGraw

“This is, surely, a book for a very savvy woman written by Andrea Robinson, a leader and expert in the beauty world and a good looking woman who obviously follows her own advice. [Toss The Gloss] is a very smart book: straight talking and thinking, and thoroughly engaging with colorful anecdotes and charming drawings. You will want to read this book, learn from it, and enjoy it.”

—Grace Mirabella

"My longtime friend Andrea Robinson’s Toss the Gloss cuts through the noise surrounding the discussion of beauty after 'a certain age.' With her trademark candor, she demystifies best over-50 beauty practices, giving women the gift of her decades’ experience in the industry she has done so much to elevate. With this book, Andrea shows the world what she has always been to her friends, colleagues and admirers: a singularly honest authority with women’s well being and best beauty interests at heart. Looking and feeling BETTER, not younger, is the thing!"

—Trish McEvoy

“Filled with fresh, innovative tips, fun anecdotes, and product suggestions, Toss the Gloss urges women to forget about reclaiming their youth with expensive skincare products that never deliver what they promise and to instead pick the right cosmetics that reclaim features most affected by time.”

Gotham Magazine

"In her first book, beauty industry executive Robinson (who has served as president of Tom Ford Beauty and Ralph Lauren Fragrances, chief marketing officer of Estée Lauder, and beauty editor at Vogue) uses her experience to debunk myths and offer a straightforward, insider’s perspective behind the often indecipherable potions and lotions in our medicine cabinets. Many of her tips, including when to throw out various makeup products like mascara (every three months) and cream blush (every six months), are useful for women of any age. Even though the book is targeted to readers over 50, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for younger women to purchase this book as a guide for how to make better use of their makeup. How many of us wished we understood how to read the claims and lingo on product packaging or decipher ingredients such as antioxidants, retinoids, and alpha hydroxy acids? Robinson clearly and efficiently explains it all, while providing the product advice and application tips (with a nine-step guide for applying lip liner) you would expect of a woman who has devoted her life to beauty."

Publishers Weekly